Under 50 are you more likely to die or be injured from Covid-19 or a Covid-19 Vaccination?

The ABC costing over a billion dollars per year but only representing say half the population while telling only their side of stories are now pushing injections 24/7.  They have made a target of our CHILDREN, who have almost no risk from the virus.  They seem to want you to experiment on your children and young Australians to inject spike proteins that could have long term health implications, why? To possibly stop them spreading something to others, presumably older people.


When in history were experimental drugs pushed on one group to theoretically benefit another group? There was one time that many, especially in the media seem to have forgotten, just like they forgot about thalidomide and many other medical failures.

News won't cover stories like this

Bombshell lawsuit charges vaccine deaths being concealed

Insider reports at least 45,000 dead from COVID vaccinations


Thousands gathered outside the presidential palace in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, on Sunday to protest against mandatory vaxx and vaxxports

PCR tests 45 amplification cycle threshold in Australia, false positives?



Above - 45,000 people have DIED from the COVID Vaccine within 3 days. They have covered it up. Attorney Thomas Renz has filed the paperwork and lawsuit and is suing the Federal Government. The cure can’t be worse than the disease.

Aussie interview


Two weeks to flatten the curve is transforming into vaccine/medical apartheid


The other side of the story





More videos like the one above

20 Reasons Why I'm Not Getting Vaccinated

1.Vaccine makers immune from liability.
2.Pfizer paid out billions for bribing doctors and suppressing adverse trial results.
3.Moderna has never brought a vaccine to market.
4.Every previous coronavirus vaccine has failed.
5.Every previous mRNA vaccine has failed.
6.Anecdotal friends and family adverse reactions.
7.Zero long term safety testing.
8.Censorship of scientific debate.
9.Censorship of Fauci funding gain-of-function.
10.Censorship of ivermectin, hcq, vitamin d, zinc, etc.
11.Censorship of adverse reactions and deaths.
12.Ignoring natural immunity.
13.99.95% chance of survival if below 50.
14.Bloated COVID-19 death numbers.
15.The virus continues to mutate.
16.Vaccinated still catch the virus.
17.FDA, CDC, WHO are captured institutions.
18.Virus and vaccine efficacy measured by faulty PCR test.
19.Never solved lipid nanoparticle delivery problem.
20.Japanese Pfizer data shows LNP accumulating in organs.


UK's biggest protest in a generation hidden.



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What's now more likely to harm you, Covid or a Vaccine?

Seems to depend on your age.


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