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BenQ THX W8000 Projector Price

BenQ W8000 THX-HD-3D Pro-Cinema on Sale Now!

Featured Projector  BenQ W1700 Price

New! BenQ W1700 True 4K Projector

"From the testing that I’ve done, I found the BenQ W1700 True 4K HDR Home Cinema Projector to be a very good fit for the home cinema experience. Not only does it give stand out performance for watching movies on the big screen, but also takes your gaming to the next level. With more and more 4K content coming out, this is a perfect projector to show it off in its full glory. "  |Review|

Picture Quality

The specifications for the BenQ W1700 True 4K HDR Home Cinema Projector are impressive, full of buzzwords, but thankfully it lives up to the hype:

  • 4K UHD with a 3840×2160 resolution
  • Projector-optimised HDR
  • CineMaster Video+
  • Benq Q CinematicColor Technology
  • Auto Vertical Keystroke collection
  • Smart Power Saving to improve lamp life (up to 15,000hrs)
From the testing that I’ve done, I found the Benq W1700 True 4K HDR Home Cinema Projector to be a very good fit for the home cinema experience. |Review| |HCC Review|

See also: BenQ W3000

The BenQ W3000 is a great example of quality at a reasonable price. You can pay twice as much for a projector that's also 1080P but claims "enhanced" 4K. From 3m back you'll find it hard to tell the difference between HD and 4K on most content, what will stand out is the overall quality and color accuracy of the display. Put simply a great HD projector is better than an average 4K projector for most situations.

Projector Tips

Use the remote control Be sure to turn your projector off using the remote as switching off the mains power doesn't allow the lamp to cool down slowly and will shorten its life. Never move your projector while the bulb is on.

Be decisive on or off!

Don't turn off your projector to save half an hour of lamp time, (e.g. the next show is 30 minutes away) it's better to leave running because cooling and heating the lamp shortens it's life more.

Cable it properly Where possible use new HDMI connections for the best quality sound and image. If you've got none spare - use DVI input rather than component input signals, component input signals rather than composite, and composite rather than RF connections. Epson TW7400 TW9400

Sure you can use wireless unless you want to microwave popcorn or watch 3D..

Did you know?



Can you see in 4K?

We can't tell the difference from 4 or 5m back but don't take our word for it.

You buy a good projector for the Rec. 709/THX colours and cinema feel not the number of dots or claimed (often overstated) contrast ratio claims. A real cinema can't come close to the number of dots per inch a good 1080P projector pumps out on your projection screen.

 See also this review at HCC 1080P vs. "Fake" 4K