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 Perfect for almost every home theatre & data projector under 25kg.

Ceiling Mounts

* Max Weight: 25Kg
* Strong ball Joint for multi angle viewing 
* 20 Degree +/- Tilt
* 150mm Ceiling Plate, 135mm Drop from Ceiling 
* Easy Grip Knob to hold image position without any sag or drift
* Adjustable support arms for projectors of different size - 80-500mm
* Quick release connectors for easy horizontal alignment
* Colour: White



A very popluar choice for BenQ EPSON TW5600 W1700 W1090 W2000 W3000 Epson TW-600 Epson TW-700 Epson TW-1000 Epson TW-2000 Epson TW-3000 Epson TW-3500 Epson TW-4000 Epson TW-4500 Epson TW-5000 Epson TW-5500 TW6100 TW 8000 TW8100 TW8200 TW9000 TW9100 TW9200 Sanyo PLV Z3 Sanyo PLV Z4 Sanyo PLV Z5 Sanyo PLV Z700 Sanyo PLV Z800 Sanyo PLV Z2000 Sanyo PLV Z3000 Sanyo PLV Z4000 Panasonic PT AE700 Panasonic PT AE900 Panasonic PT AX100 Panasonic PT AX200 Panasonic PT AE1000 Panasonic PT AE2000 Panasonic PT AE3000 Panasonic PT AE4000 AE7000 AE8000 AE9000 and many more.

Created 23/04/19

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