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Sony 3D Sync Transmitter Emitter

Compatible with Sony home cinema projectors, this wireless transmitter accessory extends the range of 3D sync signals that can be received by viewers wearing TDG-PJ1 active shutter 3D glasses (available separately). Extending signal transmission range up to 10m , the sync transmitter lets viewers enjoy a superb 3D entertainment experience, even if theyÕre seated further from the screen in larger living rooms or home theatre spaces.

Key Specifications:

  • Extend your projectorÕs 3D transmission range Ã? Compatible with all Sony 3D home cinema projectors, the TMR-PJ2 transmits sync signals that are received by viewers wearing TDG-PJ1 active shutter 3D glasses. Transmission range is extended as far as 10m, allowing reliable, high-quality 3D viewing in larger rooms where viewers are further from the screen.
  • Easy connection and operation Ã? Just plug the TMR-PJ2 into any compatible Sony VPL series home cinema projector. Then start enjoying the show immediately with no set-up or calibration needed. 3D sync transmitter power is drawn directly from the projector: no batteries or adaptors required.
  • Wide transmission and reception angle Ã? 3D sync signals are transmitted via infrared over a wide angle for comfortable, immersive 3D viewing by everyone in the room.
Created 22/05/18

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