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Leviton OMNI Stat2 Multistage Heat Pump with Humidity Control

The RC-2000 features variable speed fan control and can control dual fuel and two-speed heat pumps with third stage auxiliary heat. This thermostat is a two-stage conventional thermostat that can control gas, oil, steam, hydronic, forced air, radiant, and electric. Features humidifier and dehumidifier control with humidity sensing and display built-in. Omnistat2 thermostats are the latest generation of programmable communicating thermostats and provide precise digital temperature control over your HVAC system.

Key Specifications:
  • Single stage including gas, oil, steam, hydronic, forced air, radiant, and electric
  • Also controls 2 stage conventional, heat pumps including air-to-air heat pumps or geothermal
  • Can control two speed heat pumps with third stage auxiliary heat
  • Humidity sensing and display with humidifier and dehumidifier control
  • You may change the backlighting to one of over one hundred customizable backlight colors.
  • Omnistat2 thermostats have a proximity/motion detector so that its screen lights up when it is approached, making it easy to adjust in the dark of the night.
  • The home control system has automatic temperature setbacks for Home, Night, Away, and Vacation.

Created 24/09/20