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Advanced users should go for the Spyder 5 Elite - unlimited calibration options, unlimited power!
It works a treat for projectors too!

Datacolor Spyder5PRO Spyder 5 Pro Monitor Calibrator

Spyder5EXPRESS – Easy and fast calibration for your screens.

Spyder5PRO – Advanced-featured, interactive calibration for all of your laptop and desktop displays.

Spyder5ELITE – Expert color accuracy delivers the most precise and comprehensive calibration, including projector and video displays.

Created 27/06/18

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Datacolor Spyder5EXPRESS Spyder 5 Express Monitor Calibrator $179.00
Datacolor Spyder5ELITE Spyder 5 Elite Monitor and Projector Calibrator $372.90
Datacolor SpyderCheckr24 Colour Checker 24 Calibration Target $88.00

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