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Joe Biden "HDD from Hell"

Rigged debates won't help Joe "my son is a crack head" Biden. 

When you talk about the hard drive from hell it's not about bribes or e-mails. Think of the worst footage of children you can imagine. You already know all this because you watch ABC/SBS/10/CNN etc. don't you?

Giuliani Gives Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive to Delaware State Police Over Photos of Underage Girls, Inappropriate Texts

This has been known the whole time.

Big-Left-Tech have again deleted the video above so we are linking from alternative to globalist run YouTube. They also deleted this one that came out months before the one above, who the hell are they to stop you seeing what genuine doctors on the ground treating thousands of real patients have to say? So many of us known about the "Covid" "Cure" almost the whole time. Trump told everyone about HCQ right at the start and he got over the "China Virus" in 2 days!


Fake News mainstream media has a lot to answer for and they have blood on their hands. (Sky /  Fox / Bolt etc. doing a great job are excluded..)

Everything Covid in our opinion is all about the US election (pushing fraud enabling mail-in ballots) along with various other globalist agendas such as getting rid of cash. Covid basically ends soon after Trumps re-election (November 2020) especially in USA.

Australia Works well with our friends.. [Source]

HOT!!!  Federal Crimes Uncovered In Biden Hard Drive | Story | MoreAbout Rudy |


Facebook, Twitter with YouTube / Google seem to ban or try and hide most things that upset their plans to have Joe Biden elected.

Last election 2016 Google were basically crying when Donald Trump won. "Big Tech" are doing all they can to help "Sleepy Joe" who keeps saying he's running for the Senate! ( Twice 1 2 ). 

Story on latest Censorship, ABC/SBS didn't tell you any of this? Better ask for our Four Billion Dollars back

Dr. David Nabarro from WHO, now ignored

Stop using Lock-downs.. Our leaders loved quoting the WHO till they basically said what the hell are you still using lock-downs for? You're doing more long term harm than good. Covid has basically the same death rate as the flu. If masks worked, they would work for colds, flu and we'd already be using them. The CDC admits that masks can't even stop smoke which is 3 times larger than Covid. Wake up.

Must Watch Covid-19 Videos

Skip to 4:34  - Governor Noem Address to 2020 Special Legislative Session on COVID-19

Media is Ignoring a Covid Cure

HOT OPINION - Trump told everyone there were cures, the media canned them. Protect the elderly and people at risk. Let everyone else go about their business to gain "herd immunity" then everyone would have been safe rather than wave 666.

Ignore Fake News & Fake Polls, Donald Trump will Win the 2020 US Election in a Landslide

Did you see How Joe Biden's party is wrecking USA on ABC? As if.

Polls Lie

Click on the image above.
There are many links from images and text be sure to put some time aside to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Below, a shot fake news will never show you.

There will be legal challenges (Voter Fraud) that may drag out the final count. Covid was a great excuse to say it's to dangerous to vote in person even if it's OK to go to the supermarket or riot. At the end of the day Donald Trump will easily win the 2020 US election on 23rd November not matter what Fake News tells you. Forgotten 2016 already?

Wrecking countries was an unnecessary overreaction to help other agendas?

People praising dictators for locking them up, killing small business and forcing children to ware masks that don't even stop smoke (and can cause harm) are the same people that will be hurt the most when it's time to pay the tab. They don't have a clue what's next so they didn't make appropriate plans because they have been fed contradictory and fake news.

More about the banned treatment

Wu-Flu fizzes out shortly after the US election

Don't trust this or any web site, don't trust FAKE NEWS MainStream Media. Australian Example


They don’t call it TV programming for nothing

Know your chance of Covid death..

Wreck the country for what?
Fox News - See below, most have a greater chance of being struck by lightning.

Aussies have a one in 12,000 (

0.0083) chance of being struck by lightning, compared to the one in 8,145,060 individual odds of taking home the lotto jackpot, as calculated by UQ mathematician Professor Peter Adams. In USA the lifetime chance of being struck by lightning is one in 3,000 (0.033)

"Donald Trump's weight and age put him at greater risk of suffering coronavirus complications" - ABC

Yet he was back to work in just two days. Mind you he's told us he was taking HCQ for 2 weeks, join the dots.

Were doctors free to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine, (HCQ) 'we wouldn't need the lockdowns'


Trump Donates His Salary

Trust your common sense, not Mainstream Media's Fake News. 95% Negative on Trump. Taxpayers pay Over $1B / year for the Leftist dribble on ABC/SBS how is that fair? 

Seen a Good Trump Story?

Did you miss this Story on ABC?

Fake News turns off the comments in videos so you can't see how everyone else REALLY thinks.

The world has a proven safe drug* that saves lives. 

HCQ could stop some people from getting sick from Covid, if taken at the beginning (as soon as symptoms) or as a Prophylactiic with Zinc*.

Doctors are loving it more that ever.. We had a breakout in the Whitehouse so I said get me something fast.. I took it for two weeks (HCQ) -- Donald Trump

In Australia and may other places the Covid stuff up is going to repeat like Groundhog Day.

Nature will insist on a replay till we use the tools we already have and/or achieve herd immunity.

DYour Own Research * Always use drugs under medical supervision after consulting your medical professional.

Follow the Money

Vaccines Market to Touch USD 104.87 Billion by 2027 [more]

A preventative (prophylactic) like HCQ could render most annual "Covid" vaccines unnecessary.

  • Are there Covid-xx "Cures" or Prophylactiics (preventatives) ? - YES
  • Could we have avoided most of the shutdowns, social distancing, masks, suicides and Trillions lost? - YES
  • Do we need to stay locked up and wait for expensive Vaccines? - Not if there is a "Cure"
  • Covid-1984 is real, just like flu is every year. How many adults & children die every year?
  • Most governments have over reacted, being led like sheep by power hungry "experts".
  • They don't seem to understand the unintended consequences of their / police actions.
  • So called "Experts" are not going without pay or losing their business, they are happy to have their fame.
  • Some governments ignore or dismiss out of hand potential low cost solutions like HCQwhy?

Ivermectin (or HCQ) 'could bring us all together by Christmas'

Be sure to read the comments in the video below.

Fake News (ABC/SBS etc.) turns off the comments section.

Why ban a Po$$ible Cure?

Our governments are controlled by "big money" or stupid "experts" it seems. 

Always doubt  "Fake NewsABC & Google etc.

Already in Hospital or being treated

Over 90% of COVID-19 deaths in US had several contributing factors.
CDC report

For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death,” the report reads. - CDC

Look at the above, most of the older people who die WITH Covid are already having treatment for their life threatening preexisting medical conditions. Adding Covid to the list may speed up the inevitable but not necessarily add much to hospital time.

Is the average Covid death age is greater than average life expectancy?

Follow the money, who stands to make it from what's been going on? Do drug companies make billions if a low cost and proven safe drug could have avoided many of the deaths? Shaking your head like a good ABC/SBS/Fake News watcher?  Get up to speed.

"Fake News" have blood on their hands if there was a "Cure" for Covid all along..

Low cost drugs that have been around for years may have made much of the Covid-19 suffering unnecessary.   

The hardest hit sick and elderly suffer instead of us protecting them.  Let low risk groups go about their life and business. With few exceptions the people we elect do not run the country, (Trump is one exception) it's the faceless people that have paid them off and/or are blackmailing many that call the shots.

Globally, pedophilia is a big ticket item of control.

  • We did not use Google for the search above.

Our "leaders" have killed the economy, countless jobs and businesses at a massive cost not only in money but in lives lost because of "unintended" consequences. You probably don't know anyone with "Covid" but may well know of someone that's taken their own life from despair with their jobless home prison being the straw that broke the camel's back.

Are you open to the possibility that mainstream media's main job is to keep you scared, divided (easier to control) and rip money from you to send to their masters? [more]

Put simply this looks like the biggest over reaction and/or incorrect actions "plan" to deal with a global health problem in living memory. Various other pandemics have killed more people, think AIDS/SARS/MERS we didn't break countries to deal with them.

The cost of follow the leader and listen to so called "experts" who are only focused on what's under their noses will be paid over generations not only in financial terms but loss of freedoms, think "problem reaction solution".

If you ever hear the phrase "My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us" you'd better buckle up because there is a lot more to Covid than you'd think. Some say we had a cure all along so it's going to be interesting seeing how "fake news" (most of the mainstream media, especially ABC) talks its way out of this one.

Protect the at Risk population

Extrapolated to AU population 5,000-10,000 extra deaths

Why older Australians are more at risk from Covid-19 or any influenza virus.

Average age of Covid-19 deaths

The majority of deaths have been reported in males aged between 70 to 89 years.


Covid age at death is Higher than Average Life Expectancy!

Do the math, 75, 85, 100! You hear the ages are you adding it up?

Life expectancy - The good news, if call it good?

The average age of Covid-19 death is close to or higher than the average life expectancy in Australia and around the world.

This doesn't mean anyone wants older people to die, just be aware of the massive surge in self harm & suicides worldwide.

In Australia will more people will be harmed from the lockdowns than Covd-xx?

In Australia, a boy born in 2015–2017 can expect to live to the age of 80.5 years and a girl would be expected to live to 84.6 years compared to 47.2 and 50.8 years, respectively, in 1881–1890.


From the chart below, you can see that Covid-19 has a real chance of ending your life if you fall within one of the at risk groups. It's most important that we all protect our elderly and people with a comorbidity; this should be governments #1 focus.



Why Ban real Doctors?

Doctors going wild on the #1 most banned video

Another example reason some people are confused about so called "cures" etc. (not endorsed by global health organizations).

The so called doctors have been rightly banned on Twitter, Google, YouTube, Facebook ++ ("Big Tech") and also had their web site removed. There is no room for such blatant disregard for global norms when it comes to a virus that's at least as deadly as a serious flu season.

Example video below

Doctors who incorrectly take a different view on various aspects of the Covid-19 response in USA.


Unlike trusted information from the mainstream media (MSM), we can't know if the video below is yet another conspiracy theory. We're showing you the "other side" so you can see why you must trust the WHO / CDC / Governments & Media who have your best interest at heart.

To say that the US election 3/Nov/20 could even come into it in regard to HCQ for example or that most of the media is biased against Donald Trump is "Tin foil" beyond belief. There is no evidence that the media is in any way against Trump, let alone would sabotage a treatment to try and log up a loss for Trump. Donald Trump has "recommended" HCQ and stated he uses HCQ.


Skip >> to 3 min. You will see 2 Doctors that don't seem to get the message.

Note according to the obviously deranged doctors in the video above Quercetin may be used with Zinc if governments have banned the very dangerous HCQ. Common sense suggests you talk to your doctor before taking the word of anyone on the internet especially if not approved by the medical experts at ABC/SBS/10/MSM etc.

If Trump likes it, Fake News hates it. Trump took HCQ for 2 weeks and beat Covid in 2 days!

What's all the fuss about HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE?



"Hydroxychloroquine Deniers"
have our blood on their hands.


The above video is so important it's on this page twice.

Retraction—Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for treatment of COVID-19: a multinational registry analysis

After publication of our Lancet Article, several concerns were raised with respect to the veracity of the data and analyses conducted by Surgisphere Corporation and its founder and our co-author, Sapan Desai, in our publication. We launched an independent third-party peer review of Surgisphere with the consent of Sapan Desai to evaluate the origination of the database elements, to confirm the completeness of the database, and to replicate the analyses presented in the paper. [link]

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) has been around for a long time, approved by the FDA (USA) for:

Rheumatoid Arthritis

The action of hydroxychloroquine is cumulative and may require weeks to months to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect (see CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY). Initial adult dosage: 400 mg to 600 mg (310 to 465 mg base) daily, administered as a single daily dose or in two divided doses. In a small percentage of patients, side effects may require temporary reduction of the initial dosage.

Lupus Erythematosus

The recommended adult dosage is 200 to 400 mg (155 to 310 mg base) daily, administered as a single daily dose or in two divided doses. Doses above 400 mg a day are not recommended. The incidence of retinopathy has been reported to be higher when this maintenance dose is exceeded.

Malaria Prophylaxis

Adults: 400 mg (310 mg base) once weekly on the same day of each week starting 2 weeks prior to exposure, and continued for 4 weeks after leaving the endemic area. Weight-based dosing in adults and pediatric patients: 6.5 mg/kg (5 mg/kg base), not to exceed 400 mg (310 mg base), once weekly on the same day of the week starting 2 weeks prior to exposure, and continued for 4 weeks after leaving the endemic area.


'Criminal'ban on Hydroxychloroquine


Anthony Stephen Fauci is an American physician and immunologist who has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984. Since January 2020, he has been one of the lead members of the Trump administration's White House Coronavirus Task Force addressing the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. Fauci is one of the world's leading experts on infectious diseases, and during the early stages of the pandemic [link]

The New Yorker and The New York Times described Fauci as one of the most trusted medical figures in the United States.

  • Hydroxychloroquine could save up to 100,000 lives if used for COVID-19: Yale epidemiology professor [link]

Fauci himself 15 years ago said chloroquine was effective at treating coronavirus It was August 22, 2005, to be precise when the Virology Journal, the official publication of Fauci’s NIH, published a blockbuster article revealing chloroquine as “a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.” In this paper, researchers working under Fauci wrote: We report … that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage.”


What this means, of course, is that Fauci has known the truth about hydroxychloroquine for 15 years, and yet remains adamantly opposed to its use now, instead favoring antiviral drugs like remdesivir and a future vaccine that has yet to be commercially release. [more]

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner..

Hydroxychloroquine is widely used in Italy and if the drug was working, we would see the results in Italy. However, it’s used 53% of the time in Italy and it’s used on desperately ill patients with co-morbidities. Sometimes it is too late or they have too many other illnesses. [link]

Dr. Barber and Vicki discuss the campaign to make HQC seem dangerous, despite it's general safety and the fact it's been FDA approved for over 60 years. They also discuss how you can inform yourself properly on this drug's efficacy, by simply filtering out all information on the drug that has been written since the pandemic began. [link]

See also

Why All the Bans on HCQ?

Were doctors free to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine, 'we wouldn't need the lockdowns'

Why would they be so against it?

Doctors are loving it more that ever.. We had a breakout in the Whitehouse so I said get me something fast.. I took it for two weeks (HCQ) -- Donald Trump

Research DIY

Do your own research, use search engine,, etc. if you want to see what the conspiracy theorists nut cases are up to so you know what not to do. There are two sides to every story, if the mainstream media would only show us both sides in a fair way there would be no need for "Conspiracy Theories" only "Conspiracy Analysts".

There's still no evidence Black Lives Matter protesters caused Melbourne COVID-19 surge - ABC

Black Lives Matter protests have not led to a spike in coronavirus cases, research says - CNN

Stay inside and out of the sun, try not to become depressed or low in vitamin D if you can. There is nothing more dangerous than going to the beach or playing sports. BLM protests however seem safe according to the ABC Australia, this and worldwide.

Avoid so call Covid-19 natural prophylactics (covid prevention) like the ones below.



Fake News will never tell you the Truth about Trump because They want him out.

More lives will be lost (in the 0-60 age group) to suicide than Covid-19.

You may know of someone who took their own life, (final straw) you may not know anyone that died from (not with) Covid-19. 

Could Covid plans have been better focused and less against known Low Cost cures?

It's not like we haven't seen similar before.

Covid is nothing new

*100-200 extra deaths per week seems realistic if you include deaths from such things as skipping medical treatments.

Big Tech Deleting Trump Supporters to help Joe Biden in US Election

Forget YouTube (themTube) use from now on.

The US Department of Justice is suing Google in antitrust case for allegedly ?? abusing its monopoly powers

Story at Fake News ABC

Police in the middle

The first people you call in times of trouble are the police.

People that want to "de-fund the police" in USA are quick to call Police as soon as their "useful idiots" turn on them.

Too many images like the one below get these people ranting about de-funding the police.  Yep the very same ones that are the first to call the police when their virtue signalling backfires and the world is not what they thought is was from inside their leftist fake news media fed bubble.

There is never an excuse for the lack of training whereby a member of the police force is in this situation.

Not Acceptable in Australia?

Respect for Police starts at the top so it's not helpful to have people that don't act or look the part in charge, worse still when they have double standards. One standard for the left's cause of the month and the other for citizens. A case in point is Victoria police management seeming to support BLM protesters while putting down others. (See below video)

Protest supported on the left in the video below was over the USA death of George Floyd..

Question: Would Vic Police management support "Cops Lives" or "All Lives" matter protests?

 Purchase the T-Shirt by clicking on the image.

Snatching a phone from an old lady sitting on a park bench when you think nobody is watching would be despicable. The officer seems to look around to make sure nobody is filming then moves around behind the lady and snatches the phone in a half second. It looks like he then deletes the video but this is not a fact.

We've (the public)  also seen AUSTRALIAN Police arresting by chocking, running down a man and stomping on his head.

This sort of behavior needs to be called out by the 99% of good police that sensible people support, till they don't. 

If you click on the image below we suggest no children around or turn down the sound.


Just after the US election (3rd November) this globalist "pandemic" ends. Mark the week, it will be obvious when fake news stops the scare campaign and says "wow! who knew there was a simple cure". This assumes Trump wins, if the election is stolen via "mail-in" ballots (Covid #1 reason) then all bets are off and hopefully you've prepared.

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