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Are you like IMAX?

From 4-5m back it's very hard to see the difference between 4K and 1080HD.

Take IMAX for example they are all THX (for the colours) but only use 2-4K dots for a screen size of 22 x 16m. The smaller the screen the less dots needed. Your projection screen may be 1/10th of IMAX. From any distance you can see how accurate the colours are, so you may need to decide between more dots and more accurate colours if your budget is $2,000-$3,000 range.

Check out 1080P HD "Rec. 709" / THX Certified projectors: BenQ W3000W8000

Want the best? BenQ True 4K X12000

W1700 Review BenQ Price

4K Projectors

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Check out "Rec. 709" / THX Certified projectors like the BenQ W3000, W8000

On a budget? Get the 2017 PJ of the year W1090 (under $2k) for less than 1/2 

Can you see in 4K?

We can't tell the difference from 4 or 5m back.

You buy a good projector for the Rec. 709/THX colours and cinema feel not the number of dots or claimed (often overstated) contrast ratio claims. A real cinema can't come close to the number of dots per inch a good 1080P projector pumps out on your projection screen.

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